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Certified Remanufactured Products


Groupe SEB Certified Remanufactured products are now available for direct purchase. These products which state "certified remanufactured" are like new and 100% restored and tested to factory settings. These items will typically include a 2-year warranty (see each product description for product specific details). It is the same great products you've known to love from brands like Krups, Rowenta, and T-Fal, but for less money.

If a product is remanufactured it will be clearly stated in the title and with a red tag.

These products may also arrive in non-traditional packaging, such as a plain box with no details or retail boxes that aren't acceptable for store shelves (some blemishes may be apparent on the box). In an effort to provide the best prices possible, we put more emphasis on confirming the performance of the products we offer, than being concerned about the appearance of packaging for these items. You'll typically dispose of this packaging within minutes of receiving the product anyways.